Top 10 Serial Criminals Who Were Also Entertainers

Top 10 Serial Criminals Who Were Also Entertainers

Everyone loves to have a good time. Even some of the worst people in history know how to be free. Charles Manson, for example, who ignored all the massacres, has become a good singer. Like other artists, their crimes are part of the fun. Here is a list of ten people who rested in the middle of a crime and decided to have fun. We have introduced ten serial criminals!

10‘James Brown’ Sold Out Florida With A Kidnapped ‘Aretha Franklin

Mary Jane Jones must continue to sing the gospel. He would not have achieved glory if he had done it. Jones was expelled from his church because he had sung "Country Music". Under the pseudonym "Vickie Jones", she shines as a comfort for a small disco in the moonlight. His interpretation of contemporary soul songs caught Lavell Hardy's attention. Hardy is somehow famous for the soul album "Do not Lose Your Groove". Hardy's popularity reached 42nd on the cash register alone. Until 1969, most of his work came from a James Brown imitator.
Hardy noticed Jones's resemblance to Aretha Franklin and thought he could become an imitator. Hardy thinks she's open to the real Aretha Franklin at the show and Jones agrees to travel with her. Then he stole it. Under the threat of murder, Hardy Jones forced her to appear as a fake Aretha Franklin at concerts throughout Florida. During the day, Jones was confined to his hotel room. At night, he sang in front of thousands of people. Their captors and managers made their fortunes. In Fort Myers, 1,400 spectators came after the cheater's departure. Her captivating voice of "Because it's gone" (sweet and gentle baby) has bothered skeptics.
Like his talent, Jones is still not his name on the map. When the real Queen of Souls stopped in Florida, she alerted the local sheriff of the fraud. Later, Jones and Hardy were arrested. Jones was released as a conspiracy victim. Abduction advertising began in his career. Ironically, Mary Jane Jones became famous and people started her.

9Frederick Lenz’s Weird Cult Made Even Weirder Electronica Music

For many residents of Silicon Valley, Dr. Frederick Lenz III was a quack, a man who, by lying and deceiving the world, launched several software companies. Others saw Lenz or "Rama" because he wanted to be known as a rational savior through his syncretic versions of Buddhism, Hinduism and New Age spiritualism. Both parties agree that Lenz is more than a fanatic of religious zeal. Given the impending IT technology boom, Lenz's brokers support all areas of software development and Wall Street brokerage firms. The only rule is that investors will have to spend half of their income on companies run on behalf of Lenz. Described by its former members as the operator of a pyramid scheme, Lenz earns millions of dollars a year. Still, Lenz's real crime was probably his music career.
With all the money, Lenz has invested a lot of his music. In total, Lenz has published 14 albums. Most of them focus on Buddhist principles. The rest is techno surrealist. Take, for example, "What is dance?" The clip starts normally. Fred Lenz's smile, the cuddly smile of his sweater, delivers the viewer as a seagull sinks through a setting sun, a typical mental break. Instantly, an asteroid belt was cut in the video. Lenz circled while maintaining eye contact with a plastic cow. Pelicans, rats and hippos Gawky Claymation joined a choir of less experienced dancers to clarify the title issue. One key support includes a break-dance robot with dreadlocks. Other scenes, such as an attractive extraterrestrial or synchronized Buddha, are indescribable. If Lenz was really a Messiah, the vision would have been different.
His stocky musical career was at least his problems. Members published reports of widespread fraud and sexual coercion among its members in the late 1990s. After a wave of bad press in 1998, Lenz and a friend consumed 150 Valium tablets of a suicide. Only Lenz is dead. He is 48 years old

8Charles Peace Was An Acrobat By Day And A Burglar By Night

Charles Peace did not respect his last name. This is a way of describing a bitter cat burger that terrorized England in the mid-19th century as very peaceful. Like all good super villains, crime has a history of origin. Peace is raised by a tamer and is a solace. He planned to finance these dreams by working temporarily as a collector. In the midst of an accident, the factory's machines fired a shiny piece of steel and never let it go. Removed from the hospital on the crutch, he swore to avenge the rich elite.
The accident did not leave him completely inactive. He toured England again as a renowned violinist and Shakespearean actor. It was produced to tour the cities of the country. In the 1850s, peace began to break into houses. Another work, acrobatics, proved even more useful for break-ins in the middle of the night. [3] Despite his foot, the well-being of peace is well respected. The police kept busy until it broke in and was convinced at one point to be a gang of thieves.
In his criminal career, peace has been condemned more than once for theft. In August 1876, he killed a policeman who had caught him fleeing a house. In October of the same year, he killed his girlfriend's wife. In 1878 he was finally arrested. He was hanged next year.

7Elmer Edward Solly Stole A Dead Musician’s Identity And Performed

Sha Na Na did not look so good at first. Today, they are probably best known for their improbable performances at Woodstock, where two guitar gods, Carlos Santana and Jimi Hendrix, shared the addition with a Doo-wop revival band since the 1950s. , the interest for the Eisenhower administration resounds again. Sha Na Na has transformed this touch of nostalgia into a variety of shows and a place on Greasesoundtrack. Of the nearly 50 members in the band's history, most of the musicians are more anonymous.
The only exception is Chris Donald. Donald took the stage name "Vinnie Taylor" and played guitar on several albums of Sha Na Na at an overdose of heroin at the age of 25 in 1974. Five years ago, Elmer Edward had murdered the baby Solly, two years old, with her boyfriend. drunk theater. He was sentenced to 15-20 years in a high security prison. Solly escaped during her vacation and finally accepted Taylor's identity. He took a new stage name, "Danny C" and played music like that. When Taylor was confronted with members of Sha Na Na, he stated that he had committed his death in accordance with the orders of the CIA. Solly's lies finally caught up with him in 2001. Interestingly, he only spent two years. 

6The Comedian Con Artist Who Fueled The Satanic Panic

Mike Warnke is a Christian pretending to be a satanist. He was an idiot who thought himself a comedian. Because he has no talent in both fields, he has changed forever. Known as "America's Best Christian Actor," Mike Warnke enjoyed unprecedented success in the comedy boom of the 1980s when he incorporated religious screeds into the cans of a liner. Before Warnke, nothing was known as a Christian comedy. Careers like Sinbad, Pete Holmes, Chonda Pierce and Patricia Heaton were created along these roads. By the fact that Warnke manages to sell over a million records, the Tennessee government declared June 29, 1988 "Mike Warnke's Day". Warnke is not to remember.
Before the comedy, Warnke tried another form of entertainment. In 1972, Warnke wrote The Satan Seller. The book describes Warnke's alleged involvement in cruelty to children for a satanic cult ritual. Every detail is done. Warnke deceived millions of people and used paranoia everywhere. Despite his lack of credibility, Warnke laid the groundwork for the satanic horror of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Although the FBI found no evidence of widespread abuse in daycares, many were arrested for supposedly consulting Satan.
Warnke's plan continued until 1991, when the truth was published in a Christian magazine.

5Attila Ambrus Was Better At Bank Robbery Than Hockey

There are many things that can be called Attila Ambrus. "Quitting" is not part of it. Ambrus, born in 1967 in Transylvania, introduced himself to the country, which then honored him as a national hero by hiding in the chassis of a passenger train. When Ambrus arrived in Hungary in 1988, he thought he should play for Ujpest TE (UTE), the best ice hockey team in Budapest. Almost from the beginning, the mistakes were obvious. Ambrus, who had just passed, did not have the money to buy his equipment. He slept in the broom closet and worked as a stadium keeper. Shame on his teammates, he vowed never to have money again.

He should be ashamed of other reasons. Considering he has no hockey experience, Ambrus considers many to be the worst coach in the history of professional hockey. His attempts were so bad that the other players disengaged themselves for fun. In one match, the opposing team scored 23 goals against him. It's more than a few teams at a time. Attila lacks concentration; He thinks of something else. 

The UTE schedule allows Ambrus to travel across the country. On the way, Ambrus stole the local banks. Ambrus, nicknamed the "whiskey thief," was holding the cashier while drinking alcohol. For good manners, he always hands cashier flowers to thieves. He had no reason to fear. Most Hungarian banks do not have guards or alarms and the police are equally incompetent. He was finally arrested in 1999, to escape the window a few months later by knitting sheets, laces and telephone cables. At the subsequent search, 400 police officers were involved. In the end, Ambrus committed 27 robberies in total and rewarded him with a total income of nearly 100 million forks, or about 500,000 US dollars. 

4The Cocaine-Fueled Robbery Behind The Expensive Gay Porno

George Bosque has not always been a criminal. As a child, he dreamed of going to the police. He sees it in a way that favors his conservative beliefs. Bosque, a so-called Nazi, wrote letters criticizing "nudity, homosexuality and the glorification of narcotics". He obviously has a change of heart.  

Bosque was not a policeman. Instead, he became the second best choice: a Brink guard. He started a love affair at the office with his colleague Carl Denton. Bosque did not play well in the breakup. Rejected in 1980, he stole a $ 1.85 million Brink van and hid in a place no one suspected in a gay homosexual subculture in New York City. 

The small financial fortune of a miserable addiction to cocaine. After that, he became more ambitious. In 1981, Bosque created Roman centurians. (Yes, that's how it was written.) With a budget of almost $ 200,000 (about $ 600,000 for today's money), the movie is a huge gay porn movie taking place in ancient Rome. Thirty-two artists are paid daily with a suitcase full of money and stacks of drugs. This does not lead to productive production. None of the centurion slippers could go up. A charred Bosque constantly rewrites the script to insert its own lines. These lines were so bad that the crew could not help laughing. A staff member was unable to control his attack on laughter and fell, collapsing a support position. Once Bosque's money ran out, the management stopped. The film was finally released before Bosque's arrest 15 months later. 

3Paul Bateson Was The Real Monster In The Exorcist

In 1973, the exorcist was the scariest film in America. No one can predict how scary the next few years will be. In a film of demonic possession, artificial distortions and pea vomiting, the most disturbing scene is a surprising ban. During the movie, Reagan's family and doctors are confused about their condition. They must therefore perform a lumbar puncture and an MRI. Between the bloodshed and a girl's scream, the audience sees the rapid blurring of young New York University radiologist Paul Bateson as a bearded technician. 

Paul Bateson's career did not begin after his appearance in The Exorcist. The lack of success after the film contributed to his mental decline. His short period of action resulted in longer hours of alcoholism. Dressed in alcohol, Bateson would probably not remember everything he had done between 1975 and 1977. The negligence of this window is particularly troubling, as the investigators thought he had killed at least six people at the time. Bateson should take gay men to bars. Back in his place, he lifted him up and threw his body into the Hudson River. The exact number and the identity of the bodies are unknown. 

Exorcist director William Friedkin is so shy that one of his films is a potential serial killer. By way of atonement, Friedkin Cruising made a film about a police officer suing a serial killer responsible for the murder of gay men in S & M clubs. [8] The assassination of Paul Bateson was more of a movie theater than his role as an actor. 

2Celebrities Loved Tony Alamo’s Jackets And Ignored The Child Cult

In 1987, Michael Jackson released the album Bad. Jackson's problematic legacy to children will manifest in the years to come. But for now, it was not Jackson but the jacket he was wearing that was the most abusive thing on the cover of the album. Jackson was nothing more than the only celebrity to wear a jacket designed by Tony Alamo. Celebrities such as Mr. T. Burt Reynolds, Dolly Parton and Mike Tyson were seen wearing Alamo jackets with gemstones. Because Alamo jackets are popular, he became a multimillionaire for a few years. Raised with this money, the Alamo has created an abusive cult. 

Tony Alamo has turned a failed career into a pop singer into a lucrative preacher career. His sermons focused on the inevitable declaration of Catholic overlays. Religious threats are directly related to the empire of his jacket. Many of his employees, like all his ten women, are minors. For six months, Alamo inspired his followers by showing the embalmed body of his first wife, Susan, who died of breast cancer in 1982. Each night, working children gathered around their bodies in their workshop. Scheduled to revive Susan, the children prayed and sang a cover version of Everly Brothers' Wake Up Little Susie. For every day the body was not born again, the workers were beaten to be punished. The conditions of their 14-hour shift were not much better. Rhinestones will regularly cut your fingers. 

The Alamo empire collapsed when his work in slavery, sexual abuse and tax evasion became apparent. He died in prison in 2017. His tough heritage did not stop celebrities from wearing his jackets. 

1America’s Worst Pedophile Changed Rap Foreve

Dwight York started early on the crime. When he fell into a particularly violent sect of the Blank Panthers, he committed social fraud, oppression, assault and assault at age 19. York was arrested for possession of a dangerous weapon and spent three years. There he founded Nuwaubianism, a religion with elements of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Freemasons and extraterrestrial rulers. 

The people of New York quickly embraced the embassy in York. Flow of money in flow. Through a hold on the city, York effectively exerts his power by ordering the assassination of local activist Horace Green or by unleashing a series of robberies perpetrated by a group called Shotgun Gang. 

York has left no one behind, be it chic clothes, cars, drugs or roller skates, as lead singer of his relatively small disco group, Passion. The triumph of modest success was found, but York's true musical legacy was felt in the early years of her community. The founders of hip-hop, Doug E. Fresh and Africa Bambaataa, are influenced by their belief in Nuwaubianism. Outkast is known as ATLiens, an album directly related to the Nuwaubian faith. Famous rappers who mention the York religion include such stars as De La Soul, Prodigy, MF Doom and Erykah Badu. 

Other supporters were less fortunate. For fear, York transferred her operations to the Catskills. In New York State, he made sure everyone was dressed like a cowboy. Paranoia over federal investigations forced York to return to a large pyramid he built in rural Georgia. Federal agents approached York and arrested him in 2002. The extent of the damage to York is clear. He was sentenced to 135 years in prison for several sexual and other crimes. He claims to have more than 1,000 victims, making it the largest case of child abuse in US history.

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